EzyPerformance System

More direct bookings. Fewer commissions.
Higher room occupancy. More profit.

Learn how our experts can help you increase your direct bookings to maximize your profits. With impressive statistics, we show you how you can benefit from higher room occupancy and a reduction in your commission costs.

Increasing direct bookings by just 5% can reduce commission costs by up to 50%.

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EzyStar System

Reviews as the key to more direct bookings and strong brand positioning

We at EzyHotel know how important good reviews are in the hotel industry. Positive reviews build trust and convince potential guests to choose your hotel. The result? More direct bookings and a strong brand positioning.

Our expertise in the field of reviews goes beyond just collecting feedback. We help you use and implement guest feedback to increase your revenue...

A increase in hotel star rating by half a star leads to an 11.2% higher room rate.

EzyRank System

We outperform your competition with our unique hotel ranking system

As a hotel operator, it is essential that you are found by potential guests on the internet. In a world where almost everything happens online, it is crucial that you are found on search engines like Google and Bing. But how exactly do you achieve that? That's the strength of EzyHotel. We have developed a unique hotel ranking system that ensures your website appears at the top of the search results list for relevant search queries.

More than 46% of travelers start their booking process by using search engines like Google.

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EzyLoyalty System

Increase your direct bookings and enhance your brand image among your loyal customers and website visitors.

As a hotelier, you know how important repeat customers are for your business. But how can you ensure that your guests keep coming back to you? Our solution is simple: through targeted and regular communication with your guests via a personalized newsletter, you can increase your customer loyalty and thus boost your direct bookings and reviews.

Personalized emails have a 29% higher open rate and a 41% higher click-through rate compared to non-personalized emails.

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EzyAds System

Discover how to increase guest engagement and strengthen your brand through a targeted social media strategy. According to a study, 76% of travelers use social media to plan their trips. We can help you optimize your presence on these platforms and generate more bookings. Read on to learn more.

Over 48% of travelers are inspired by social media ads to change or update their travel plans.

EzyRecruiting System

Become the Employer of the Year in your region! Our tailored method, specifically designed for hotel businesses, provides you with quick and easy access to highly qualified employees for any position. Without headhunters, recruiters, or job portals - and without compromising on the selection of candidates. With our help, you can attract the best talent for your team and solidify your position as a top employer in the hospitality industry. And the best part? This method also works in 2023! Read on to learn more.

Companies that engage in social media for recruiting achieve 49% higher applicant quality than those that don't.

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