Local SEO: How to Turn Your Hotel into a Local Hotspot!


Most travelers or locals looking for accommodation typically start their search online rather than on foot. This means that your initial contact with potential guests begins online. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in modern tools like Local SEO and Geomarketing to boost your online presence. Not because traditional strategies like print advertising are outdated, but nowadays, locals and even travelers prefer to use search engines to easily find places. Without a highly optimized online presence, your hotel is missing out on potential visitors and revenue. More importantly, you’re losing potential customers to high-ranking competitors. The question to answer now is: How do you leverage local SEO and Geomarketing to make your hotel a popular spot for locals? Read on to find out!

Utilizing Local SEO and Geo-Marketing for Customer Acquisition Before we delve into the easy-to-follow steps for leveraging local SEO and Geomarketing, let’s take a step back and define both concepts. Let’s dive in!

What is Local SEO? In simpler terms, local SEO aims to improve your hotel’s placement on search engine results pages. An effective local SEO strategy helps present the location-specific services of hotels to potential guests. These location-specific services range from meetings to renting conference rooms, exhibitions, wellness facilities, restaurants, and wedding venues.

Tips for Creating an Effective Local SEO Strategy for Hotels

  1. Optimize your website content with relevant keywords like “best hotels in Switzerland” to make it easy for potential guests to find your hotel.
  2. Claim and update your “Google Business Profile” with accurate location information, high-quality images, and positive reviews from satisfied guests.
  3. List your hotel services in local directories like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Yellow Pages.
  4. Create content with compelling images covering interesting events and services offered by your hotel. If your hotel offers recreational facilities for locals or travelers, ensure it’s prominently and persuasively displayed for visitors landing on your website.
  5. Regularly update your website content and services to align with popular trends or weather conditions in the region where your ideal guests are located. For example, don’t offer services geared towards summer to locals in winter; your hotel is likely to attract fewer visitors.
  6. Strive for local backlinks from credible authority sites.

Understanding Geomarketing While achieving a better placement on search engine results pages is crucial, it’s also important to convert your online traffic into visitors standing at the door of your hotel. While local search engine optimization is essential for good placement in search engines, Geomarketing helps you effectively engage with your web visitors and potentially turn them into loyal customers. This form of marketing allows you to leverage consumer behavior data to gain insights into potential needs and send targeted advertising messages based on their location. With the help of your marketing team or a Geomarketing company in Switzerland, you can seamlessly incorporate location-based marketing into your advertising efforts.

How to Use Geo-Marketing to Turn Onlookers into Returning Hotel Guests Here are some ways to use geographic marketing to establish a foothold in your region and attract loyal customers:

Events and Attractions: Participating in popular events near your hotel is an excellent way to attract travelers and local guests. In most cases, participating in such events can convince visitors or local guests to book a stay.

Targeted Advertising: One way to use targeted advertising is to collaborate with Geomarketing companies in Switzerland to create ads that reach locals searching for suitable accommodations in your area.

Creating Virtual Borders: Creating virtual borders involves sending push notifications to potential guests near your hotel.

Localized Content: Create content that highlights cool activities locals can do nearby. By showcasing local attractions, you present your hotel as a great place to stay while guests explore the area.

Personalized Messages: By using location-based marketing, you gain access to customer data. These data provide insights into customer preferences. This allows you to create personalized messages that resonate well with customers.

Steps to Attract Locals and Turn Your Hotel into a Local Hotspot Local search engine optimization and Geomarketing are great tools to promote your growth and increase revenue. However, certain complementary steps bolster your marketing efforts and can help you make your hotel the go-to destination for locals. Read on to find out!

  1. Understand Your Local Market: Research the local community around your hotel to identify and understand the needs and preferences of locals.
  2. Create an Inviting Atmosphere: Ensure your hotel is clean. Additionally, the ambiance, lighting, music, and all other services offered should enhance the overall experience of locals.
  3. Provide Great Customer Service: Offering excellent customer service to locals or hotel guests is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression that turns onlookers into regular guests.
  4. Offer Discounts: Everyone loves a good deal, including your hotel guests. Discounts on loyalty programs, special promotions for community events, and discounts for locals are great and can potentially attract locals.
  5. Provide Convenience: Your services should be easily accessible to locals. Convenient services may include convenient opening hours, online ordering options, and delivery services.

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