Do these challenges sound familiar to you?

Unqualified applications

Traditional methods like job platforms or print ads often generate few applications from unqualified candidates. This results in high costs and a waste of valuable time.

Overloading of personnel

Satisfied employees are the key to satisfied guests, and vice versa. When there is a shortage of staff, the workload falls on a few individuals, leading to overburdening and affecting team dynamics, resulting in increased downtime or even resignations.

High competition in the job market

The job market is currently highly competitive, and as a hotel business, you are in competition with many other companies for qualified personnel. It can be a challenge to present yourself as an attractive employer and to be perceived as such.

Address qualified employees where they are most present.

The success of a successful recruiting activity largely depends on a sustainable and well-founded concept. It is important to understand the target employees (m/f/d), capture their decision-making structures and application preferences, and implement a thoughtful contact strategy through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Our method, specifically designed for the hotel industry, reaches qualified employees (m/f/d) exactly where they are most present.
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98,7 %

18-50 year olds actively use social media.

2 h 58 min

On average, time is spent daily on social networks.

Only 8.1%

The companies in Switzerland Advertise job vacancies on social media.

Shortage of skilled workers and personnel shortages - this is your chance!

Employee acquisition -
Automated. Online. Digital

Our funnel model consists of 5 phases, each of which consists of several small intermediate steps with their own goals.
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Compelling career videos/images

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Recruiting advertisement

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Recruiting Funnel (Selection)

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Online application submission


What does that mean?

Good personnel is rare - and often already employed elsewhere. But we know how to deal with it. With our method, we reach not only job seekers, but above all talents who are already employed but still open to new job offers. This way, we can reach almost all internet users - a whopping 87% instead of just a low 15% through job ads and classifieds.

It is more important whom you reach than how many.

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18% searchers

  • actively searching for a new employer
  • are dissatisfied with their job

63% willing to switch

  • are on the job market but not actively searching
  • satisfied with their current job but open to offers

19% satisfied

  • are satisfied with their job
  • do not want to switch


The most important currency is visibility - Interactive and personalized classic websites and landing pages load slowly and are not optimized for smartphones,although 98.5% of your target audienceuse social media on their mobile phones.
Recruiting funnels are the future Your modern tool for employee recruitment.
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Never again open positions:

Win the competition and set your company on a course for success with qualified professionals on board.

Attractive for applicants:

Be unique among your competitors and present yourself as a desirable employer who positions themselves exactly where your target audience spends their daily time.

More revenue:

Thanks to having sufficient qualified employees, you have the opportunity to accept more bookings and be successful.


Positive effects of successful partnerships
up to 0 %
Lower costs per hire
up to 0 %
More qualified applicants
up to 0 %
Less time until hiring
up to 0 %
Less turnover, through more employee engagement
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Your options compared

Without headhunters, staffing agencies, job portals, and without compromising on candidate selection.

No more open positions

You only reach actively seeking candidates (15% of candidates).

No differentiation from competitors. All ads look the same.

Low quantity and quality of applications.

Headhunters and staffing agencies

Costly and time-consuming measures, with limited success.

Dependency on headhunters and staffing agencies.

No sustainable system for gaining new applications.

EzyRecruiting System

Quick and cost-saving measure with strong success rates.

High quantity and quality of applications.

Sustainable and automated system for employee recruitment.

Hotel Team

Current recruiting strategy not successful? Time for a change!

In today's working world, a paradigm shift has taken place. It is no longer sufficient for employers to merely present themselves and collect applications. With the innovative EzyRecruiting system, you actively target your audience and position yourself as an attractive employer to attract the best talent for your hotel.

Do you want a step-by-step plan for your hotel? Here's how:

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Fill out the contact form

Click the button and easily fill out the form online so we can prepare optimally for our conversation with you. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a proposed date for the potential analysis.

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Potential analysis

We offer you a free potential analysis, in which we review your current situation and desired goals. If we can assist you, we would be happy to arrange a detailed strategy meeting with you.

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Strategy meeting & proposal

During a free strategy meeting, our experts will work with you to develop an individual plan to fill your open positions with the EzyRecruiting system. At the end of the meeting, you will receive a customized proposal.

Your team of experts for employee recruitment in the hotel industry

The EzyHotel team consists of experienced experts from the IT and performance marketing agency EzyOne. We are not only your competent partner for recruiting solutions in the hotel industry but also a strategic partner who quickly and accurately provides qualified employees for you.

EzyHotel Diskussion

Discover how you can become the number one employer in your region for future job seekers

Your Benefits

We ensure that you receive numerous qualified applications for your open positions. You can fully focus on the job interviews. Enjoy a convenient service with the following benefits.

Reach a larger pool of job candidates

We enable you to reach both actively seeking and passively job-seeking candidates, thereby targeting a much larger pool of job applicants than is possible through traditional methods.

Qualified job applicants from the region

Through our pre-qualification process, you save time and money. Receive only applications from qualified professionals from your region.

Increase employer brand recognition

Become the number one destination for job seekers in your region and save time and money by establishing yourself as an attractive employer.

Sustainable employee acquisition system

Thanks to the EzyRecruiting system, you benefit from a customized, sustainable recruitment system that sets you apart from your competitors.

Streamlined application process

Impress job applicants with a modern, simple, and professional application process. This increases the chances of receiving more job applications.

Einfacher Bewerbungsprozess

Überzeugen Sie Bewerber mit einem Prozess, der modern, einfach und professionell ist. So erhöhen Sie die Chancen für Bewerbungen.


Efficiently hiring qualified employees is crucial for hotels to maintain high service standards and meet guest expectations. A skilled and well-staffed team ensures that guests have a positive experience during their stay, leading to better reviews and repeat business.

Hotels often encounter challenges such as receiving unqualified applications through traditional methods, overloading existing staff when short-staffed, and facing tough competition for qualified personnel in the job market.

Hotels can address hiring challenges effectively by implementing a well-founded recruiting concept. Understanding the target employees, capturing their preferences, and utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for outreach are key strategies. This enables hotels to reach qualified employees where they are most active.

Engaging with both actively seeking and passive job-seeking candidates widen the pool of potential applicants. Hotels can reach a larger and more diverse group of candidates, increasing the chances of finding the right fit for their open positions.

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