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5 benefits of Ezy Hotel

Our Service

More direct bookings

We help you generate more direct bookings through your internal booking channels. This has the advantage of increasing your room occupancy and at the same time reducing your commissions.

Less commissions

Our system aims to generate more direct bookings, which in the long term, in addition to higher room occupancy, also generates significant cost savings compared to third-party providers.

Absolute transparency

Through our tracking, you can see exactly how many bookings, revenue, or nights have been generated. Data is the new oil and enables targeted data analysis to build a scalable direct booking system for your hotel business.

Direct contact person

If you have any questions or uncertainties, you can always contact your personal contact person. This simplifies and speeds up the daily communication between your hotel and our agency.

Regular reports

To keep you up to date, we provide you with regular reporting. This way, you always know what the current performance is, what has been optimized, and what the next steps are.
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Who is the EzyPerformance System suitable for?

If any of the following points apply to your hotel business, then you are in the right place with us:
  • icon play Group 39524 High OTA costs
  • icon play Group 39524 Low room occupancy
  • icon play Group 39524 Advertising by OTAs on your brand
  • icon play Group 39524 No time
  • icon play Group 39524 Lack of transparency in online marketing
  • icon play Group 39524 No strategy in online marketing
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What sets us apart

Ezy Hotel is a performance marketing agency that has made it its mission to build successful marketing strategies through targeted data analysis.

Excellent expertise

With strategy to success!

As a certified Google Partner & Hotellerie Trusted Consultant, EzyHotel supports hotel businesses in generating more direct bookings through their internal booking channels while reducing dependence on OTA channels. In addition, EzyHotel offers digital services from consulting, planning to implementation of your marketing mix strategy all in one place.

We don't rely on our gut feeling, but only on data, numbers, and facts - Ezy!

Scalability through targeted tracking

Tracking is an important prerequisite for performance marketing and monitoring. For example, our EzyAds solution offers a comprehensive tool to check the performance of an advertising campaign or the user-friendliness of your website.

By targeted tracking, reservations and buyer behavior can be captured, allowing you to truly maximize the potential of your advertising budget.

Measurable KPIs through the EzyHotel tracking system:
  • icon play Group 39524 Advertising costs
  • icon play Group 39524 Advertising revenue / generated revenue through advertising
  • icon play Group 39524 advertisements
  • icon play Group 39524 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • icon play Group 39524 impressions
  • icon play Group 39524 clicks
  • icon play Group 39524 Number of bookings
  • icon play Group 39524 CPR (Cost per Reach)

How does the collaboration with
us work?

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Initial consultation with
To one of our strategy

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Potential analysis

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Implementation &

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Care and

With strategy to success!

We, the team of Ezy Hotel, are a well-coordinated group of marketing experts who help hotel executives to develop an individual and tailored marketing strategy that aims to generate more direct bookings and become independent of online travel agencies.

The foundation of our work is targeted data and performance analysis, which provides you with a clear picture of your ongoing business and helps us develop the right measures for you. Just as unique as your hotel, the strategy should also be tailored specifically to you.
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If you’re seeking ways to decrease your dependence on external booking platforms and boost direct bookings through your own channels, our strategies can help. We provide guidance on developing a marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Our services offer several advantages, including:

  • More direct bookings: We assist you in driving direct bookings, enhancing room occupancy, and reducing commissions.
  • Lower costs: Our system aims to generate more direct bookings, leading to long-term cost savings compared to third-party providers.
  • Enhanced transparency: Through our tracking, you can closely monitor your bookings, revenue, and nights, facilitating data-driven analysis and a scalable direct booking system.
  • Dedicated support: You’ll have a personal point of contact, simplifying daily communication between your business and our agency.
  • Regular reporting: We provide regular performance reports, keeping you informed about optimizations and future steps.

Our strategies are suitable for hotels facing challenges like high costs from external platforms, low occupancy rates, external advertising on your brand, time constraints, a lack of transparency in online marketing, or the absence of a clear online marketing strategy. If any of these situations apply to your business, our services can assist you.

We offer a data-driven approach and industry expertise to help hotels reduce their reliance on third-party platforms. We prioritize data, numbers, and facts to create tailored strategies. Our tracking system allows the measurement of key performance indicators such as costs, revenue, return on ad spend, impressions, clicks, and bookings.

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Do you have any questions? We are happy to assist you!