Regular customers:
The vital pillar for the success of hotels

We know how important repeat customers are for your business. But how can you ensure that your guests keep coming back to you? Our solution is simple: Through targeted and regular communication with your guests via personalized newsletters, you can increase your customer loyalty and therefore boost your direct bookings and reviews.
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How can we help?

Our marketing experts will develop a customized newsletter strategy for you, tailored to the needs and interests of your guests. We help you send your messages and offers at the right time and to the right recipients to delight and retain your guests.

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Our customized newsletters

Our tailor-made newsletters can not only increase direct bookings for you, but also help establish your brand and improve your online reviews. By communicating with your guests in a targeted manner, they will be regularly reminded of your hotel and can identify better with your brand. This will not only make them more likely to become repeat customers, but also valuable ambassadors and supporters of your business.

The best method for more regular customers

Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is a cost-effective method to retain your loyal customers and attract new ones. With our newsletter system, you can reach your guests without having to spend high advertising costs.
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Let us help you

Let us help you increase your customer loyalty, direct bookings, and ratings with our EzyLoyalty system. Contact us today and arrange for a non-binding consultation. We look forward to helping you take your hotel business to the next level!

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Strengthening customer loyalty is a crucial goal for hotels. Loyal customers not only provide steady business but also become brand advocates and contribute to positive online reviews. This ultimately leads to increased bookings and improved brand recognition.

That will depend on the following:

  1. Customer Retention Challenges: Assess whether there’s a noticeable challenge in retaining customers, such as a high turnover rate.
  2. Limited Customer Data: Identify if the hotel lacks sufficient insights into guest preferences and behaviors, hindering personalized services and targeted marketing efforts.
  3. Competitive Analysis: Evaluate if competitors have successfully implemented loyalty programs, raising the need for the hotel to stay competitive in the industry.
  4. Revenue Plateau: Examine whether the hotel is experiencing a plateau in revenue growth, indicating a potential need for strategies like a loyalty program to boost spending.
  5. Brand Differentiation: Determine if there’s a need to distinguish the hotel from competitors, especially if current marketing strategies are not effectively setting it apart in the minds of consumers.

Hotels can employ strategies such as personalized newsletters and targeted communication to stay connected with their guests. Regular communication and tailored offers help hotels retain guests, fostering loyalty, and increasing direct bookings and reviews.

Customized newsletters can enhance customer loyalty by increasing direct bookings and improving brand recognition. Regular, targeted communication reminds guests of the hotel, making them more likely to become repeat customers and advocates for your business. Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is a cost-effective way to retain loyal customers and attract new ones.

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