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Online marketing experts for your booking growth/increase

  • icon play Group 39524 Increase in room occupancy
  • icon play Group 39524 Independence from your OTAs
  • icon play Group 39524 Sustainable reduction of distribution costs
  • icon play Group 39524 Increase in visibility and better brand image
  • icon play Group 39524 Targeted online positioning for hotels
  • icon play Group 39524 Through targeted marketing measures and strategic offers, we help you increase room occupancy even outside of the season

Maximum visibility for
individual hotels!

Successful online direct marketing is also possible for you. Through targeted marketing measures and strategic offers, we help you increase room occupancy even outside of the season.

Data Analytics

Always well advised with our hotel marketing experts
by your side

Our service offering is tailored to your needs. Whether you want to go live on metasearch, be live on Google Ads, or create a new hotel website, our experts with years of experience in the hotel industry can help you. Together, we develop the right strategy and increase your direct sales.
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How Ezy Hotel can support you

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Measurability for the analysis of direct bookings and campaigns

Thanks to our data-analytical approach and powerful analysis tools, we strengthen the performance of your advertising campaigns and help you achieve more consistency in your revenues. Our precise analyses enable us to make targeted recommendations and continuously improve your advertising measures. Rely on our expertise and sustainably increase your revenue!

Top rankings on search

With our expertise in search engine marketing, we can achieve top rankings on search engines for you and ensure optimal visibility of your business online.
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More visibility on the web!
Attention! Don’t miss the opportunity to take your hotel business to the next level! With our tailored marketing solutions and expertise in online marketing, we are the perfect partner for your success. Experience an increase in your booking numbers and improved visibility on all relevant platforms. What are you waiting for? Start now and let’s achieve your goals together!

Our services

Once the job analysis is completed, the hotel can advertise job openings through the Ezy Hotel Recruiting System, specifically developed for hotels


More direct bookings. Less commissions. Higher room occupancy. More profit.


Reviews as key to more direct bookings and strong brand positioning

EzyRank System

We surpass your competition with our unique hotel ranking system


Increase your direct bookings and enhance your brand image with repeat customers and website visitors.


With EzyAds, reach your target audience where they are and increase guest engagement, strengthening your brand in the long term.


Without headhunters, personnel agencies, job portals, and without compromises, hire qualified employees in just 30 days.

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